What you'll be getting:

Ultra High Precision Full Preflop GTO Ranges

Cash Game Hero provides the best GTO ranges for 6-max cash games, solved in the latest software iteration with ultra high precision! Melt the competition by always being up to date!!

There are multiple solves provided, including 3Bet only in position sims and also calling in position! They can all be viewed in Simple Preflop, FREE, and copied and pasted into any solver very easily.

Entire Hold'em Solved! All SRP,3B,4B Spots downloadable! No solver license required!

ALL 1755 strategically different flops available for all members of the course. ALL 4bet pots, 3bet pots and SRP.

Included: Beginner "Starting Out" videos!

Don't worry if all that solver talk sounds like nonsense. We're committed so you can have the best experience riding along with us through this course!

There's a section called "Starting Out" especially dedicated to you, the pure beginner! On top of that, you may request videos in the private Discord section #video-suggestions about topics that were not covered and you'd like to acquire some knowledge on!

Simplified Preflop Ranges with minimal EV loss

73, 24, 97,14,18. Was JTs a 17% call 83% fold? Sounds familiar? Boop bop beep. Learning GTO Ranges is painful. We've simplified the whole GTO Hold'em tree but kept the overall frequencies for minimal EV loss, for ease of learning, and will provide these ranges in the course!

Postflop Complete Game Plan

Know what action is optimal based on GTO, pool tendencies and opponent individual tendencies. A precise, simple theory-based model, that anyone can understand and apply!!

Live Play Videos With Explanation

A plethora of content across different sites and limits so you can see the perspective of a professional and how he would approach different situations based on player pool and specific player leaks, but deviate from theory or just plain good old brainsolving some spots.

Every hand is thoroughly analyzed, explained in detail with theory or HUD considerations so you can take every part of the poker widsom and apply it to your own game!

Special Guest Star Videos

Alongside the usual content, we will have special guest star videos / apparitions from students, streamers and poker crushers

Already in: Zoom NL500 / FF NL500 Crusher Knaxis coaching collab with Scrimitzu, Recording Review with Chess International Master and European Champion Alex Banzea.

Site Specific Videos

Maybe you're playing on GGPoker Rush&Cash and are wondering what optimal raise sizes and what ranges to play in Cash Drop Pots, or you're on Americas Cardroom and want to know how to play Bomb Pots!

You'll have every answer to every question in this course.

Recording Reviews

People who get CashGameHero with the Expansion included will benefit from submitting a 20 minute video for professional review.

All the reviewed recordings will be available in the public curricula for all CashGameHero members to watch.

Private Discord Community

We are all brothers in arms and we need a place to communicate and help each other. Join the private Cash Game Hero Discord and reap all the benefits from a private educated community. Make poker friends, get hand reviews, participate in strategy discussion, advice on other matters,

Community Driven Course

Do you have a specific problem that needs addressed? Suggestions and ideas are always welcome in the Cash Game Hero community. We will generally address specific problems and questions as long as there's an interest in pursuing them!

Mental&Physical Game

Stop the bleeding caused by tilt right now. Improve your mental wellbeing and physical strength and endurance to get longer and more profitable sessions.

BONUS #1 - Preflop Cheat Sheet! (worth $99)

There are poker sites out there that allow the usage of preflop ranges while playing. We've devised the simplest way of looking at the ranges without much hassle, just hover over the corresponding spot and the range pops up!

Oh, and don't worry. You don't need Microsoft Office. There's a free alternative that will not cost you one cent and works perfectly fine.

BONUS #2 Solver Masterclass!(worth $499)

Piosolver 1,2 Masterclass

Learn how to use the best Texas Hold'em solver, Piosolver, to the best of it's abilities, understand how to create correct and useful game trees, and learn through them applicable game theory optimal models directly into your poker game!

GTO+ Masterclass

Learn how to use GTO+, Piosolver's little brother, very efficiently and find out why cheaper doesn't really mean a world of difference! Effective tree solving, good practices, applicability in real game and a lot of GTO. Everything is inside!

Simple Preflop Masterclass

Learn how to efficiently uise the industry's leading preflop solution solver, including how to solve your own ranges, custom spots and sizes, tournament adjustments, ICM and other useful considerations!

BONUS #3 Adjusted Preflop Sims!(worth $299)

Custom Preflop Adjusments

What do you do if you open raise The Button for 2.5 Big Blinds and the Small Blind 3Bets to 5 Big Blinds? As you can see from the above chart, you're barely folding. Also, a lot of 4Betting becomes calling because of the increased EV! We have all these questions answered with our proprietary, unique Simple Preflop Custom Sizing Sims.

You may also ask for your own questions and we'll answer them by creating custom sims and sharing them in the course!

Preflop Adjustment Sims Based on Opponents

How wide can you open the BTN when the blinds underdefend a little bit? How about massive underdefend? How tighter must you 3b the SB against a tight opener from EP? What about BB Defense?

We have solver outputs for every preflop adjustment that you might ever have!

Preflop Adjustment Exploits vs Recreationals

You might know how to play a GTO range preflop, but sometimes you're just burning money, opening GTO against a player who 3Bets 20%, or who folds way more than GTO Ranges do.

Our proprietary Custom Recreational Adjustment Sims will show you the perfect ranges on how to play and exploit different types of recreational opponents, from nits, loose passives to maniacs and whales, making the game of poker soooo much more profitable!

BONUS #4 - Master 6Max Book! (worth $49)

It's the proven fastest way to get quantum leaps for total beginners, but it's also for those seasoned grinders who want to either learn something new or get a second opinion on the game of poker.

It also serves as a great preamble to the whole course.

My approach and study of the game is very different from most people, but it has been confirmed by numerous successes and people succeeding by using my methods.
This is the best pre-solver era book on 6Max Texas Hold'em and it's a great introduction to the more advanced concepts and plays that you will learn later in the course.

BONUS #5 - Preflop Ranges for YOUR Limit! (worth $99)

We will custom calculate preflop ranges for whichever site you play on and the exact rake level and structure for the limit which you're playing at, as per your request.

No matter if it's NL2 or NL2000, we'll custom tailor the ranges exactly for where you're at, so you can perfectly crush your stakes.

BONUS #6 - Default Tree Files For PIOSolver, GTO+!

(worth $49)

Directly importable files for PIOSolver, GTO+ that will help you solve absolutely every postflop spot correctly!

Never have to do all the work yourself again!! All you have to do is just enter the flop!!

BONUS #7 - Exploit HuD 2.0! (worth $49)

Stay ahead of the competition by having your eyes not only on their stack but also on their stats!

This never-before seen HUD will give you custom-made stats that, once you understand how powerful they are, it will truly be like seeing the matrix.

The HUD is available for Hand2Note which is a FREE to use HUD tracking software! No purchase required!

BONUS #8 - Poker World Insights! (worth $29)

How do Poker Sites operate? Should I join a cash game stable? How do those operate?

How not to get scammed in contracts? Every question that you have will be addressed in a video by a seasoned veteran of the industry, as this is a community-driven course!

Hey! It's me, Scrimitzu. I played 5 million hands online across 10 years. I've been a consistent winner in Texas Hold'em Cash Games and Tournaments.

I've also coached over 500 people from around the world, individually, for poker cash games and tournaments! I'm a "both" player, started out with cash games being the highest winner at my stake over 1 million hands, and then branching out to tournaments when I partnered with GGPoker. I was pretty new to them at first, but previous experience helped and I ended up winning 3 official GGSeries titles and getting 2nd in GGMasters $150 for $32k. Woohoo!

I've been in the game for such a long time that I can clear up absolutely any questions that you might have and absolutely improve your winrate no matter what you're playing. I've coached students who have successfully turned into longterm cash game winners at nl200z+higher stake reg tables, and also crush mid stakes tournaments, one even luckboxed a 1st on Sunday Storm :) GGPoker MTT Graph // GGPoker Cash // 888Poker Cash 2 // ACR Cash // GGPoker Cash

What we'll be doing: GTO Analysis and Teaching, Stat correction, Hand Reads, Fine-tuning Your Game Based on PlayerPool, Thought Process Augmentation, Thorough Database Analysis and Leakbusting, Recording Analysis & Live Play Sessions, In-Depth Explanations of Mathematical Concepts and Solutions, Line Analysis and Augmentation

500 students can't be wrong! I hope you'll enjoy my guidance and happy to chat on Discord!

- Scrimitzu